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Ares Studio Update

It is just over 30 days since Ares Studio announced the start of their Patreon campaign. As you may be aware Patreon.com campaigns are sponsored by donors with recurring monthly donations.  So this means if you make a donation in February(at any point during the month) you are once again charged on March 1st, and every subsequent month unless you cancel your donation.

There is a “churn rate” as some donors decide to stop their donations in a subsequent month, but you can always make up for lost donors(and donations) going forward.  So the key is to continue to engage your donors, not only to keep them as donors, but to also pull new donors in, so you are building your base.

Since Ares Studio started its Patreon In January, they steadily built a good core donor base, at last check 195 donors are donating $1774.00 a month. this is just short of their monthly high of $1800.00.  By not losing many donors after the first month, Ares Studio is well positioned to either grow its base, or at the least maintain its current numbers.

One of the “kool” things that the Studio is doing was create a partnership with the Gwinnett Country School System, and allow High School students to use the Ares bridge set to film their short films.  This allows the students to have the experience of filming on a working set.

Today the school system made the following announcement on their facebook page:

“We’re about to start our most ambitious project ever! Gwinnett County Public Schools is teaming with Ares Studios to create a short film for the Atlanta Sci-fi Film Festival. https://theatlantascififilmfestival.com/kws.html

If you want to support both the Kids learning their craft(and living their dream) and the studio that helps them do that, you can visit the Patreon at:


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