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Archetype Futuristic Viral Video to Become Feature Film

I saw this on YouTube a few months ago and of course I loved it and was anxious to see it made into a movie.

Singularity Hub reports that just weeks after Aaron Sims Archetype went viral on YouTube (spawning many mirrored copies in several different languages), producer John Davis has bought the rights to turn it into a full length film. Davis, who produced the Will Smith Asimov-esque I, Robot (2004), had recent success with the found-footage sci-fi hit Chronicle. With decades of experience in movies as a special effects designer in major motion pictures (Rise of the Planet of the Apes, I am Legend, The Incredible Hulk, etc) Sims will now get a chance to direct the adaptation to his own work.

You’ve got to see this!  I’m ready for it to hit the Theater!

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