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Anime Review: RWBY

I don’t consider myself an overall fan of anime.  I appreciate the art style but it often lacks appeal for me.  There are some anime series of the past that have grabbed my attention and I have loved them like Battle of the Planets and Voltron when I was a kid.  Both of those series had compelling stories that went along with KOOL art.  It takes a special anime series to get my full attention.

Because of the popularity of anime, I set out to open my mind to new and different anime to see what I might like.  Attack on Titan has been a bit gruesome for my tastes but did enjoy it at a level.  I really enjoyed the new Voltron: Legendary Defender on Netflix.  I have sampled a few different series here and there with mix results.

I stumbled upon RWBY because the voice actors for Team RWBY were at Planet Comicon Kansas City a couple of years ago.  I found 4 seasons on the Vudu for Free which made it easy.  I checked out RWBY and the hype was all about.

I found myself watching an entertaining and well told story with engrossing, likable, and flawed characters and beautiful art.  I kept watching episode after episode in rapid succession. I quickly became a fan of what I once thought was just teenage girl anime.  I am now current with this season.  Every Saturday, I get excited to watch the newest episodes.

RWBY is an American style anime series.  It was created by the late Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth.  Old and New episodes can be watched on the Rooster Teeth websiteRWBY stands for the first initial  main characters  Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang.  It also corresponds with their main outfit color.

On the world of Remnant, some young people are selected for training at special schools so they can become Huntsmen and Huntresses.   These Huntsmen and Huntresses protect their world from the fear sensing monsters called the Grimm.

The fist season feels like a twist on Harry Potter.  The kids are divided up in groups of four for their teams.  There are classes the kids take and professors that teach them how to best use their skills, Aura (powers), and semblances (mega power).  Things change in the second season but in a natural way.

What I Like:

This series is fantastic at world building.  We learn about different countries within Remnant and their internal politics and issues.  We find out about the races of human and Faunus (animal/human hybrid).

The characters are amazing and complex.  There is depth and reason for the characters to act in the manner they do and not to just drive the plot along.  Their personalities shine through their actions.  The characters change and evolve as they grow through the seasons.

The art and animation is wonderful.  I am often engrossed in the details of the scenes. It is an American Anime style which is perfect for this series.

The power sets and weapons of the characters are KOOL.  They grab your attention.  When someone cosplay a RWBY character, they usually have a detailed version of the weapon of the character.  The weapons and powers are really extensions of the character.

What  I Dislike:

It is inconvenient for me to watch the current season on the Rooster Teeth website.  It isn’t that difficult but I would rather stream it on Netflix, HULU, Amazon, or Disney+.  Because of this, I watch it on my laptop and not my TV.

Favorite Characters:

Ruby:  I think Ruby is most fans favorite character.  She is  innocent and good.  You cannot help but root for her.  She has a KOOL outfit and weapon.  Gotta love Ruby.  She is the best.

Nora: There is something about Nora’s enthusiasm and desire to face things head on.  She doesn’t worry about what others think. She just feels and acts.  Her giant hammer that transforms into a grenade launcher is KOOL.

Blake: Blake is more complex and mysterious at the beginning of the series.  You learn a lot about her character and the mistakes of her past.  She is the only Faunus of our main group of heroes.  She has a history of others rejecting her and it makes her a better person.

Jaune:  Jaune is awkward and lacks confidence.  He gain confidence and his abilities as his character grows.  He was put in as the leader of his team but never felt good enough to actually lead.  He is devastated at the end of season 2 and took a while to come back to himself.


I really love this series.  It is so much fun and such a great story.  After Seven seasons, I wonder how much longer it will go.  But I am here for the ride through it all.

If you are a fan of good animation storytelling, I recommend this series for you.  Yes, it has appeal to teens especially girls.  But this adult white guy loves it and I think you might also.

Stay Geeky!

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