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“A Quiet Place” There is only a handful of moments that are completely and totally silent, including the opening scene, which

 apart from the final scene are probably the best parts.

The story is set in a near-future apocalyptic world. Alien creatures have invaded Earth and wiped-out most of the population. It’s sound that attracts these creatures to their prey. When they attack it’s not pretty. The few humans still alive survive by staying quiet.

For the Abbott family, that’s a challenge. We meet them about three months into this nightmare. Following a tragedy the timeline jumps a year. Evelyn (played by Blunt) is expecting a child at any time. Husband Lee (Krasinski) has been trying to figure out the motives of the creatures while keeping his wife and two children (Regan and Marcus) safe. They’ve moved into a large barn on their rural farm.

“A Quiet Place” does an excellent job keeping the suspense level high throughout. Credit to Krasinski for keeping our heartbeat high to the final frame, one odd thing: Why have a child during the end of the world? It’s the key, yet illogical element that fuels about 90% of “A Quiet Place”, putting everyone in harms way. Yes they have set up contingences, granted not everything goes according to plan

The cast is superb really pushing the emotion making the level of intensity even higher. Blunt nails it in the end with the much talked about bath tub scene but what really did it for me was the final sequence with her and her daughter in the cliffhanger ending.

Probably one of the best horror/thrillers I have seen in years “A Quiet Place” is truthfully doing everything but being “Quiet” with audiences due to the family crisis at its core. The film is well shot, staged and edited, real life Husband and wife duo Krasinski and Blunt have a winner.  It’s an excellent use in low key terror that puts to shame “horror” films that rely on jump scares and cheap theatrics.

While there is talk that the studios have already green lit it for a sequel I would also like to see a prequel. For those of you who don’t want to wait for a prequel there is a scene with newspaper clippings if u freeze frame to learn possibly how the creatures arrived.

On VidAngel and ClearPlay

I give it an A

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